About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah.


I live in Harrogate with my husband, Chris and our three kids. Someone once told me “three’s a breeze.” It’s not. That was a lie.

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I work as a freelance copywriter and balance my writing with raising my kids, managing my grief and drinking far too much red wine.

This blog is my way of dealing with my grief. I write to try and make sense of how I am feeling. I use this blog as a form of grief management. I share our story, my mum’s very personal journey with Vascular Dementia and how as a family we cope, or fail to cope with everything this disease throws at us. I hope my words and our experience help others who are also on the dementia ride. I hope they offer comfort in some small way and make you feel you are not alone.

My blog is dedicated to my wonderful mum, who is in the final stages of vascular dementia.  I miss her every day and am thankful that she was mine.

It is also dedicated to my incredible father, who tragically passed away recently. He was a huge supporter of my blog and a frequent contributor. You can find some of his heartfelt words about my mother and her decent into the delusional hellfire of dementia dotted around my blog.

His death has been the single hardest thing I have ever had to live through. The second, is my mother’s illness.

Thank you for reading.

Sarah x

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  1. Oh what to say… this is a beautifully written, succinct tiny window into something no one can ever understand unless they’re living it I guess. You sound like an amazing family, much like my own and I cannot fathom how I would cope if this happened to me. Reading around the subject is so confusing and frightening and so little still is known about this disease that at times it must seem hopeless.
    I am a friend of your sister Emma and what makes me cry with an equal measure of sympathy and hope is that to someone like me who never knew your mum it sounds like that heroine you describe IS Emma. Although there will be a long road of struggle ahead for the four of you, you should take huge comfort in that all those things you miss about her are carrying on through you and her grandchildren. This I’m sure, mum as she was, and mum now from time to time is enormously proud x


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Love your words, I to can relate to all you are saying, my mum also was diagnosed last year at the age of 70 years with Alzheimers and vascular dementia, she had been misdiagnosis for many years with depression which I never believed she had…it’s devastated our family and although I have never been very close to my mum it’s heartbreaking to know that I will never now get that chance, but nobody deserves this disease it’s truly horrid…my mum was an amazingly intelligent strong healthy caring lady, worked in the RAF in her younger days where she travelled the world and loved life to the full, she now talks about those days like they were yesterday….
    If I could have just one wish in the world at the moment it would be to find a cure for this horrible illness so we could have our mum, nana back and my dad could have his soul mate back to spend what should be a happy retirement with.


  3. That is so beautifully written sweetheart. A Blog is a perfect way to talk without talking.
    I found this after Hartley.
    Although we’ve never spoken about your mum, you have a little seat in my heart and I think about you often….


  4. This breaks my heart. I remember your mum as being so vibrant and full of love and life … She put me to shame on the dance floor! But I will cherish the memories of how welcoming and kind she always was, along with the rest of your amazing family. And you know even though we don’t see eachother often enough, I’m always here for you bird. If you just want to rant, need a hug or just want to talk about the weather …always here xxx
    Big love to you all x


  5. Hi Sarah I’m currently having the pleasure helping looking after your mum, whilst your dad has a wee break. I noticed when I was looking through your mum’s notes about your blog. Reading this has helped give me a better understanding of your mum before this awful nasty illness took over. It’s always nice to read about their life. Thank you and keep it up. X


    1. Thank you so much for your message, Ann. I find my blog helps me cope and I am told it helps other who are on this journey too. I hope my mum is behaving herself? I miss her dreadfully.
      Sarah x


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