What to say?

I received a lovely message this morning from an old friend. My old university friend, Sian, who I don’t see enough of these days and with whom I have shared some wonderful, funny, embarrassing and special times with over the past 20 or so years (one moment in particular when we chased Brad from Neighbours down an alley in Hull! Shameful!) Continue reading “What to say?”

Mother’s Day Tears

I didn’t really give too much thought to today, before it arrived that is. I’d sent the obligatory card to Mum, I’d invited my mother-in-law round for Sunday lunch with my grandmother-in-law and other family members. I’d ordered a gammon joint from our fabulous butcher and hubby popped to the supermarket with a list of the required vegetables and nibbles. All sorted, I thought. Easy. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Tears”

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