Naughty words!

We have had a very lazy weekend; pottering in the garden, cleaning the cars (Hubby), doing the laundry (me), the kids have been out on their bikes with some of the neighbourhood children. Archie has played football with our neighbour Harry (and destroyed all of Harry’s dad’s beautiful border flowers), Mabel has fallen over a lot and has grazed knees and a bump on her head and Martha has had a successful riding lesson. Continue reading

Dad’s Great Bake-Off!

I have escaped the chaos of the kitchen to start writing tonight. My dad is here for a couple of days on his own (to bring back the little dog he realised was too much work for him – see previous post The Visit for full details of that adventure!) and to have a break for a few days. His sister, my lovely auntie Sheila offered to go and stay with Mum for a few days to be her temporary carer and to give my dad a bit of a rest. Continue reading

Friday the 13th

May 13th. In fact, to be more precise it’s Friday the 13th of May and it’s my mother’s birthday today. The kids and I have called her and left a message on their answer machine of us all singing happy birthday in four different keys. Then she has called us back, or to be more exact, Dad must have dialled our number and she said “hello” as I answered the phone. “Who is this?” she demanded, as I wished her a happy birthday again.  Continue reading