A word from my dad….

I would like to thank the elder of our two daughters for all the very touching things
she has said about me in her latest chapter of “Life after Alzheimer’s”. Perhaps one or two corrections need to be made….. Cooking may not be my forte, but, I do know that using up items just a few hours (days / weeks) after their s.b.d. doesn’t usually constitute
a crime against one’s intestinal system. And, in my defence, I was going to excise the offending mouldy growth found on”la confiture” prior to young Archie’s toast feast, but, matters were assertively taken from me – in the nicest possible way, of course. Perhaps I tend to buy in bulk? I’m glad she didn’t see the 6 bottles of gin and 30 bottles of tonic hiding in the garage!

Jane has been a bit unsettled since the crew departed particularly as her Stephen
is no longer here. Coasting along, head down, tacking from side to side against the wind
and avoiding the cross fire is all I can do at the moment. It is very sad for her
that her memory is just a blur and life is just “in the moment”. Hopefully, she will be a little more content this afternoon. She is having a little snooze on the sofa with our address book open on her lap. She tends to go through it regularly, which is fine – I am hopeful that she recalls all those friends and family therein.

Time to look at the prize Saturday Scotsman crossword again (my weekly brain challenge).
1. across – Incomprehensible : unable to understand (16). Surely it must be “why oh why oh whyDad and Martha?”

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