What a difference a day makes

By my dad…..

“What a difference a day makes” – Dinah Washington – released in 1959 and still as fresh today. “24 little hours.”

Saturday was a good day with visitors and a lovely lunch out. Jane was a little confused but knew her niece and close family. “Isn’t Stephen coming with us?” she asks. “Probably meet him there”. I replied. I couldn’t really think what else to say at the time. She ate well and chatted away and enjoyed the company.

Overnight she slept well but yesterday at 06:00 she wanted to start the day and so we were both up, showered and dressed (she needing help with this and that) very early. Breakfast was only for one as Jane didn’t want anything to eat, she only wanted to get home to her own house as quickly as possible. Home care Gemma soon had her having some tea and toast, thankfully. Out with Maggie and on returning she was still adamant that this wasn’t certainly where she lived and – – – – you know the rest !

Handbag and coat constantly at the ready made the day an interesting one and Jane didn’t even settle to watch Scotland’s marvellous victory over France. No lunch eventually led to a good meaty stir fry made by my expert hands, but a full stomach did not diminish her delusional state in that she again began gathering her “things” and her coat and wanting to visit her sister (her daughter) in Harrogate pronto. If I didn’t smile at her misfiring neurones I would lie down and just give in. I can’t do that though – poor lass this is not her fault and if she sees people and children around this strange house what the heck – go with the flow !

So, yes I quite agree – what a difference a day does make Dinah, and perhaps the next 24 hours will be happy ones – “brought the sun and the flowers, when there used to be rain”. It was cloudy and overcast today – the forecast is for sun tomorrow (maybe. One can hope!)

If you haven’t got hope what is there to look forward to ? I hate to think I will be stepping on doggie poo (owners beware £40 fine) in the near future just like my eldest daughter! “Mess” on one’s shoes although very very annoying can be rectified, but a messed up brain – no fault of your own my love –  can’t be cleaned off. It is stuck there like a bugger of a barnacle!

Perhaps the dark clouds are gathering and the rainbow is fading from our lives but I will try my best to halt the progress of this terrifying tornado spinning towards us and keep her safe. I am very unwilling to lead her to the residential doors of doom just yet, but I try to remain positive and keep my dearest here – wherever here is – as long as possible.

Ma and Pa

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  1. I love this. Go with the flow indeed… the other day I found my dad (in the nursing home) all packed up and ready to go, with 5 disposable razors in his coat pocket. He said he was “running late” – I agreed with him, and then managed to get the razors away. So glad that the two of you (dad and daughter) are trying to remain positive. Especially since there’s not much choice 🙂

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