If I Could Rule The World

By my dad….

I never put any money on ‘the horses’ but on Saturday with my sister Sheila and her hubby John’s help – who came all the way down to see Emma + 2 and Lily and Ronnie – I put £1 on “Rule the World”on the nose at 40/1 (totally random pick- l know nothing about horses) and it won the Grand National!Well well, would you believe it? If I ruled the world not only would I try to “give peace a chance” as per J.L. but bring all the experts together to try and combat those diseases which are not really understood – including dementia.Ma and Pa 5

Mum hasn’t been too bad at all this weekend. It is lovely for her to have her sister with her. I hear them laughing out load talking about the “olden days” and our holidays together. She was a little disorientated this morning but seems absolutely fine this afternoon and evening.

Perhaps she may have recognised me this evening as she continues to chat with Lily and look at old photos with her. After tea the two home care team have settled her ready for bed but she came down and watched the golf (the Masters) for a little while before nodding off to sleep. Lily helped her upstairs although she wasn’t sure where to go.

It would be a great responsibility to be the boss and rule the world and try to sort out all the major wars and famine across our planet. It would be wonderful to think that there may be a “cure” for devastating neurological diseases like the one poor Jane has been stricken down with. One can only dream and hope.

Another day has dawned now – what will it bring ? The scientists and medical boffins are not going to find the answers immediately for the condition whilst I try to sort out and run this world of ours. I will still worry about whether she can manage without help in all she has to do. I know darn fine she can’t so perhaps ruling the world may have to wait and I’ll carry on just now taking what comes day by day.

Thank you dear children and all the little ones for making the last few days so lovely for her. Of course not forgetting Lily who will be here for several weeks and is trying so hard to perhaps stop the relentless progress of this creeping disease. Thank you dear Lord for giving me the strength to carry on as best as I can. xx

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