My dad’s response to “Celebrating Success”

By my dad…..

Having just read Sarah’s long and most delightful note on her children’s success in tennis and football I have to disagree that she hasn’t “won” any prizes during her 40 years on this earth. She is top dog and a gold medal winner in her thoughtfulness and love to us both here in sunny and then snowy Scotland.
Mum’s score has gone up to an 8 now and I know she is snoozing in the conservatory rather missing out on Maggie’s walk (she wanting to come after lunch) and not appreciating the sunshine and blue sky which is dominating the back garden.

Me, Lily and 7 of the 8 grandchildren with Jane x

I think she has had a good time over the last few weeks. Her sister Lily and brother in law, Ron were over from Canada and we had all the 3 children and 8 grandchildren here too for a few days. She was much more her old self and did not seem to have any delusions or any other worries during this period. Of course, now the strange thoughts and confusions are back, zig zagging around her brain, making her believe all sorts of things, altering her perception of the world and preventing her from doing the simplest of tasks.

Yes, indeed the carer’s life is quite stressful, but Sarah you must not worry too much, we are coping very well in this difficult period of our lives. You have to look out from the winner’s podium and see how well you have achieved in your life and how you are passing on your skills to your children. We are proud of all three of course – winners in their own way – Clive in achieving his goal with his running and in all his responsibilities of his new position and Emma with her duties as a Mum and continuing to excel in her high pressured job.

Jane has been a winner too in all she has done in her life and I am very proud of her. She would never admit it but she has always been world champion all-round goodie!

Well it’s clouding over now and I’m going to make one of Sarah’s recipes tonight: sausage casserole and all the trimmings followed by home made apple crumble. I bought myself a slow cooker last week but I haven’t as yet christened it yet! Maybe tomorrow !

Head up, chests out and eyes forward ALL you winners you!

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  1. Stephen, just to say thAt I am thinking of both you and Jane at this difficult time. Glad that we were able to meet up last year with some of the Afton group. Anne


    1. That’s very kind Anne. I have wonderful memories of the Afton. Hopefully we will be able to see you all again. Steve x


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