Friday the 13th

May 13th. In fact, to be more precise it’s Friday the 13th of May and it’s my mother’s birthday today. The kids and I have called her and left a message on their answer machine of us all singing happy birthday in four different keys. Then she has called us back, or to be more exact, Dad must have dialled our number and she said “hello” as I answered the phone. “Who is this?” she demanded, as I wished her a happy birthday again. “Sarah, Mum,” I told her, forcing a smile on my face. “It’s only Sarah. How are you birthday girl? Have you had a lovely day?”


“Did you get my card? I sent it in the post.”

“Yes, there are flowers all over the place.”

“Oh well, that’s good.”

She has no idea it’s her birthday and would struggle to tell me her age if I asked her. I won’t, because there is no point. Dad says it has been a “pretty good day”, which could mean anything from she has not been aggressive or angry at all today to she has only tried to force him out the house twice! I don’t ask what scale he is working off today. It somehow doesn’t seem to matter. He says it has been a good day and that is good enough for me – for today at least!

Henry Moore
Henry Moore Sculpture at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have been on a school trip with Archie and all his class. We went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and we’ve had a great day out looking at Henry Moore sculptures and walking around a beautiful country estate. We even got chance to build our own sculptures out of wood, tyres, metal pipes, wooden blocks, bricks and paving slabs, piping, long twigs and planks of wood and bits of scrap metal – it was fabulous fun and I’ve had a lovely lovely day, watching my son interact with his friends. The best bit was catching him looking at me proudly, interacting with me and his friends excitedly as I captained his team and we worked together to build our fabulous creation.

It was a few weeks ago when he asked me if I’d go on the school trip with them. This was the first time he’d ever asked me and it felt like a perfect opportunity to try and do it – to rearrange work so that I can show my son I put him and his needs first. So,  I checked the rota for work and ensured I could sort out cover for getting Mabel to creche and then a day or two later asked him to confirm to his teachers that I would love to go as a helper. He returned from school quite sad that night to inform me that the teachers had enough helpers and so I wouldn’t be needed. Well! I was livid. I have never before been asked by my son to go on a trip and from what he had told me it was the same mums who were going on this trip that seemed to go on all the school trips. The mums who didn’t work or who were available and able to volunteer for most school things. I reacted completely disproportionately (as is my want) and wrote a letter to the teachers informing them of my disappointment and that I had not known it was decided on a first come first served basis and that I thought they should re-think the way they did these things. I am so like my mum sometimes – fiercely protective and lioness-like when it comes to my kids, which can sometimes lead to my complete and utter embarrassment hours or days later!

Sure enough, I got a call from school to say it was all a misunderstanding and of course I could go, they would love for me to attend. Humble pie was eaten (by me) as I spoke to the teacher this morning and apologised for my over-reaction. Not at all, she said. We have decided to re-think how we do it in future and will be asking all parents to add their names to a list if they are interested in helping on school trips so that we don’t always rely on the same ones, she said. Good, I said.

So, my humble pie was at least edible and my over-reactive letter has at least resulted in a small amount of action, so that other mothers may have the opportunity to share special moments with their children as they are growing up.

I remember my mum came on lots of school trips with us as kids and I loved it. I loved her being there and was always proud of her and I saw the same pride in my son’s face today. “My friends all want to be in your group,” he told me. Thank God, thought I – at least it’s not the opposite, then I’d be humiliated, or perhaps I’d again be livid and have to try and stop my self from over-reacting again. Oh Mum! Sometimes I hear you in me and see you in my actions and my responses to situations and despite my embarrassment or over-reaction at times, there is comfort in knowing you are so close. That you are in me and that you shine out of me sometimes.

You’d have loved today being with us on our trip today, Mum. Happy birthday you crazy old bird.

archie's school trip

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  1. Love this and actually I was just thinking yesterday about writing a letter to my kids’ art teacher…in 5 (collective) years of school, neither of them has had artwork featured in the yearly art show…I am beginning to suspect it’s personal! My kids don’t even seem to care. But these are 6-7-8 year old kids, why wouldn’t they all be featured, at least once? I’ve been to the art show, it seems like 99% of the other kids are represented. But then I feel like I’ll come across as “that kind of mom” – which I’m not, and I suspect you aren’t either. Maybe I could get you to write the letter anonymously 🙂


    1. Ha! I love the challenge of a strongly worded, yet diplomatic and reasonable letter. Getting the balance right can be tricky! I had a similar thing a year or two ago when my son was the only kid who hadn’t received an award for excellence in his class and it was nearly the end of term. Had a word with her and asked what he could do to try and improve as he’d been trying so hard but didn’t seem to ever win. She was mortified! Thought he’d had it already and when she checked her list, apologised as he hadn’t. Sometimes worth making a fuss! Sometimes you need to be “that mum!”. Good luck xxx

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