“Oh, What a Night!”

By my dad……

The original song was recorded by the Four Seasons in 1963 and what a great hit it was.
Jane and I went to see “The Jersey Boys” in the Edinburgh playhouse theatre about 2 years ago and it was wonderful. We were singing and dancing throughout the show and looking back this was my very talented Jane who was with me that evening.Oh what a night was one of the many songs sung during the show and with tears in my eyes I now have to recount matters more close to hand.

Jane has been booked in for respite care in a few days for a week and I’m going to fly down to London to see Emma and family. She has been very quiet recently and not responding to my talking to her and behaving in a slightly more aggressive way not only to me but also to the carers. She often doesn’t eat, seems more confused and disorientated and all together more mixed up than ever. A little smile and interest sneaks up on her when I put a dancing record on the turntable or one of Joe Loss or Glenn Miller.

She wouldn’t go to get her night clothes on last night for Janet at 8 o’clock but stayed up defiantly, until I went upstairs at half past ten. Despite several visits downstairs she still wouldn’t comply. At last at 11.30 she appeared in the bedroom and wandered around doing very little and still wouldn’t get undressed. I went and slept in another bedroom.

The hall light was on at 2am and 4am and she still had her clothes on and had been downstairs as Maggie (the dog) was up and about. At 5am l heard footsteps outside my room and subsequently the lights did go out and I found her sleeping wth her clothes on at 7am.

The psychiatric nurse is coming this afternoon and the consultant is visiting her in the nursing home in Lanark in 3 days time. What does the future hold for both of us is in the hands of the Gods, I’m not sure I’m going to like it unfortunately.

Helen has just come and what a star she is. Jane has forgotten she has had only a few hours sleep and she has roused her and Jane is in the shower. She will be down in 10 or 15 minutes and I’ll have my second breakfast, lock the doors and take Mag for a walk up to the paper shop.

It is a pretty lonely life here in a rather cold but bright morning although Jane goes to the day centre twice a week and I have a week off fairly soon. The children do not want her to be so distressed in the latter stages of the cancer destroying her brain cells that I must think of residential care full time perhaps in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

Perhaps now I should sing ” Oh what a beautiful morning” now she seems compliant with Helen and even said – as I was hiding on the top of the stairs – “I see Stephen is here today”.

I would like to send all my love to our beautiful children and to Freda – her best friend – who drove up 200 miles to see her last week.


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