The Magic of Music

My kids love music, they all do and they all have from a very young age. We frequently blast out our favourite songs and all dance and sing loudly around the kitchen whilst we’re setting the table, or I’m preparing Sunday lunch, or we’re tidying up after tea. Of course, they love the music we love, as that is what they hear regularly. Archie’s favourites include ‘Mr Brightside’ (The Killers), ‘Because the Night’ (the Boss / Patti Smith) and James Bay’s ‘Let it Go’. Martha loves all these too but will dance around to anything by Abba, as well as the other well known ‘Let It Go’. Mabel keeps asking for James Bay’s ‘Hold Back The River’ and sings along quietly to it whenever it comes on. It is one of the few moments in my day when my youngest is cute and lovely. Continue reading “The Magic of Music”

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