What’s in a message?

I have been genuinely overwhelmed by the lovely messages and comments from friends, friends of friends and complete strangers who have read my blog. It has surprised me that so many people care. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I knew the “definites” – the people who would take the time to read my blog and send me encouraging words and messages (you know who you are girls!), but, I didn’t think my stories would spread so far, would wing their way around the globe so effortlessly. 

I received a lovely message just this afternoon from a friend I haven’t seen in a year or two. She lost her mum very suddenly last year and she sent me a long message of support, offering words of comfort and practical advice on what she feels is the best way of dealing with such a loss. Her grief is still so raw, yet she can spend time reading my blog and sending me supportive messages, offering me hope and reminding me of her ongoing, endless friendship. She is amazing.

A good friend came over this morning with her brood (two fabulous sprogs) to have a cup of tea with me (read: check up on me) following my emotional post yesterday. She has the knack of knowing when I need to talk and when I need to just get on and ignore it. She is, quite simply a giant among friends and we have shared many of life’s milestones – children, marriages, girly holidays, Harvey Smith (!?!)- where would I be without her?

I read on Facebook that an old school friend is running her first half marathon in aid of Dementia UK. I commented on her post yesterday, wishing her luck and promising to sponsor her and I get a reply, congratulating me on my blog and telling me to keep strong.

I received a message on Facebook from an old family friend who I haven’t seen in twenty years, offering sympathy and her best wishes to us all. Our mums were great friends when we were growing up and we spent many summer holidays together and Christmases at each others’ houses. They were good times. Her message was a reminder of those lovely days.

People in Malaysia have read my blog! As have people in Spain, Switzerland and Bahrain! I have had hits from South Africa (thank you Kelly), Barbados, Greece, America, Canada (hello, to my Canadian cousins!), Australia (love you Rentos!) and China….it has made me feel delighted, yet in the same moment I feel slightly weighed down with responsibility. People are reading these words – people who I haven’t spoken to for years and people who I have never met. People who are thousands of miles away, who may or may not be impacted by dementia or Alzheimer’s, are reading the words I am sometimes struggling to write without sobbing. So, what I write needs to be good, or at the very least grammatically correct!

And, among all the lovely messages, A comment pings up on my blog post. “Don’t be too distressed Sarah” he says, “Mum has managed to dry her hair and she has made a cup of tea today. Love Dad.”

I love all my messages, but some warm my heart more than others.

Mum and Dad 5




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  1. Gorgeous Sarah, keep going with the blog, and your dad’s sweet
    comment yesterday made me smile and cry simultaneously. A loving family and great friends – that’s as much as we can all hope for in our times of great need xx


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