In the words of a song (or two)…

A word from my dad….

Black is black !
Rock band Los Bravos released this as their debut single in 1966. It seems appropriate :

“Black is black

I want my baby back

It’s grey, it’s grey

Since you went away.”

I know perhaps matters looked a little dark last night with Jane’s muddled thoughts and worries, but today is another day. She is bright – a bit confused but living with me anyone could be disorientated – and popped off to the land of Morpheus without a murmur after watching with interest “The great British sewing bee”.

We visited relatives in Livingston and had a lovely lunch and a little walk in the sunshine. Admittedly she was a little slow, but on arriving home she didn’t fall asleep on the sofa and we had a chat about this and that and a wander around the garden followed by a little pup wanting to play.

It is a mighty strange illness this – one which hangs over us like the sword of Damocles. One cannot really predict what may happen next. Making a cup of tea seems easy one day but almost impossible the next.

I’m sure once we are able to give her and me a day’s respite and 3-4 hours private help coming in weekly to help with the essentials around the house “we will survive”. I should do quite well on Ken’s Radio 2 Pop Master !

Three phone calls earlier this evening from concerned children has cheered me up and Jane seemed to be able to talk to them reasonably sensibly, which certainly put a smile on her face. Don’t worry too much we are coping just fine. One of the psyche nurses are coming in soon and Maggie is having a haircut !

Dad x


Granny and girls
Jane with two of her grandchildren, Martha and Georgia

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