Mother’s Day Tears

I didn’t really give too much thought to today, before it arrived that is. I’d sent the obligatory card to Mum, I’d invited my mother-in-law round for Sunday lunch with my grandmother-in-law and other family members. I’d ordered a gammon joint from our fabulous butcher and hubby popped to the supermarket with a list of the required vegetables and nibbles. All sorted, I thought. Easy. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Tears”

The Dancer

People used to always tell me I looked like my dad, particularly his side of the family. My granny and other Turner relatives, would say things like “Sarah has the Turner nose” or “she’s got the Turner shaped eyes,” and as a girl I was delighted. I wanted to look like my dad. To me, he looked like Clark Kent with his specs on and Superman without.  Continue reading “The Dancer”

My Crown

I spotted this on one of my friend’s Facebook timeline and I loved it. It made me smile and I think every girl (once she’s past the age of about 21) can relate to it. When you are suddenly a grown up, you find yourself appreciating your mum, for all her strengths, weaknesses, failures, successes, individual quirks, differences, eccentricities and everything and anything in between.

Crown Continue reading “My Crown”

Haircut Day!

Sarah has written many words of wisdom over the last few months. For someone who has had to deal with all the ups and downs of a parent showing rapid decline in mental function, it must certainly be a challenge. However, it is a much more difficult experience for those trapped in a constant state of upheaval and uncertainty. Continue reading “Haircut Day!”

Stick or Twist?

I think comparing ourselves to others is pretty natural. I see my kids do it with each other and with their contemporaries…Archie tries to hit harder and better than his friends at tennis. Martha asks if she can get the same swimming costume / shoes / coat as her friend Lucy. Mabel just wants whatever her brother or sister have and Continue reading “Stick or Twist?”

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