What’s in a message?

I have been genuinely overwhelmed by the lovely messages and comments from friends, friends of friends and complete strangers who have read my blog. It has surprised me that so many people care. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I knew the “definites” – the people who would take the time to read my blog and send me encouraging words and messages (you know who you are girls!), but, I didn’t think my stories would spread so far, would wing their way around the globe so effortlessly.  Continue reading “What’s in a message?”

Introducing…..my dad!

When I first started thinking about writing a blog about Alzheimer’s and Dementia and my poor mum, one of my worries was my dad. How would he take it? Would he be upset about our private family problems being published to friends, family and even strangers? Would he be cross with me for sharing my darkest thoughts and my deepest fears? Would he be angry or upset about me sharing my mum’s new and constantly changing vulnerabilities?  Continue reading “Introducing…..my dad!”


We love a walk, our family. Come sunshine, rain, wind, sleet or snow we have always got wrapped up warm and ventured out for some fresh air. I think it’s good for the soul, or at least that’s what has been drummed into me all my life by my ridiculously active parents.

Continue reading “Walkies!”

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